Example of genomic structure

The Dpd is composed of 15 proteins: DpdA, DpdB, DpdC, DpdD, DpdE, DpdF, DpdG, DpdH, DpdI, DpdJ, DpdK, QueC, QueD, QueE and FolE.

Here is an example found in the RefSeq database:

The Dpd system in Colwellia sp. PAMC 20917 (GCF_001767295.1, NZ_CP014944) is composed of 15 proteins FolE (WP_070374315.1) QueD (WP_070374318.1) DpdC (WP_070374319.1) DpdA (WP_070374320.1) DpdB (WP_070374321.1) QueC (WP_070374322.1) DpdD (WP_083277897.1) DpdK (WP_070374324.1) DpdJ (WP_070374325.1) DpdI (WP_070374326.1) DpdH (WP_070374327.1) DpdG (WP_070374328.1) DpdF (WP_070374329.1) DpdE (WP_070374330.1) QueE (WP_197517659.1)

Distribution of the system among prokaryotes

Among the 22,803 complete genomes of RefSeq, the Dpd is detected in 225 genomes (0.99 %).

The system was detected in 103 different species.

Proportion of genome encoding the Dpd system for the 14 phyla with more than 50 genomes in the RefSeq database.



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