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The Rst_2TM_1TM_TIR system is carried by the P2-like phage AC1 and protects Escherichia coli C against lambda, LF82_P8 and P2 phages. This system is composed of three proteins, Rst_TIR_tm, which contains a TIR (Toll/interleukin-1 receptor) domain, Rst_1TM_TIR, which contains a transmembrane helix (TM) and Rst_2TM_TIR, that contains two TMs () . Rousset et al. suggested that the TIR-containing protein could generate a nucleotide messenger that in turn could activate the associated transmembrane proteins.

Molecular mechanisms

As far as we are aware, the molecular mechanism is unknown.

Example of genomic structure

The Rst_2TM_1TM_TIR is composed of 3 proteins: Rst_2TM_TIR, Rst_TIR_tm and Rst_1TM_TIR.

Here is an example found in the RefSeq database:

The Rst_2TM_1TM_TIR system in Escherichia coli (GCF_004006575.1, NZ_CP034787) is composed of 3 proteins Rst_TIR_tm (WP_023140578.1) Rst_1TM_TIR (WP_001534953.1) Rst_2TM_TIR (WP_023140577.1)

Distribution of the system among prokaryotes

Among the 22,803 complete genomes of RefSeq, the Rst_2TM_1TM_TIR is detected in 2 genomes (0.01 %).

The system was detected in 1 different species.

Proportion of genome encoding the Rst_2TM_1TM_TIR system for the 14 phyla with more than 50 genomes in the RefSeq database.



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